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About Us

Legal Information

Bytelove AB
Box 2287
600 02 Norrkoping

European Union VAT-ID: SE556746371501


Bytelove was created after several years of working on our partner site,  Over  the years, istheshit has entertained its visitors and was recognised for its sense of humor towards the gaming and online community.  After two years of developing, various gaming pictures, cartoons, comics and phrases were noticeable throughout the site. We knew we had found a large community of people that shared our love of gaming. So, we were inspired to create Bytelove AB. 

We took our passion of gaming and created merchandise that we could share with the "Real World". Our hobby turned into our job and we couldn't be happier about it. Bytelove AB was a success from its inception and it continues to grow, day by day.  We strive at Bytelove to make this site the best it can be and will continue to do so. We are proud to be a part of the gaming and online community.

At Bytelove, we realise that those who are considered "gamers" and are part of an "online community" have been given the title of a "Geek". We hope that this site will give Geeks, like ourselves, a place to enjoy merchandise that they understand and help others learn that we, too, are just like them. 

Our goal is clear and simple: Us Geeks are a major part of society, acting as change agents, decision makers and opinion makers. Bytelove shall, through its products and services, give Geeks, gamers and those part of an online community the ability to make themselves heard.

Geeks are changing the world. Be proud to be a Geek!