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The idea behind Minecraft seems obvious in retrospect, but that’s how the great ones always are. The brainchild of one Markus Persson -- better known as Notch -- Minecraft sprang from unassuming indie roots to become a worldwide gaming phenomenon.
Its killer hook? Building stuff. Minecraft sets you loose in a 3D world where you can build whatever you can imagine, and time and again Minecraft players have shown that they have rather impressive imaginations. A huge online community’s sprung up, swapping worlds, creating mods, and generally developing a culture all its own. Then there are the creepers. Mario has goombas, Zelda has moblins, Minecraft has the creepiest silent, green, walking bombs this side of a David Lynch movie. Creepers like nothing better than to sidle up when you’re looking the other way, announcing their presence only with the terrifying hissssss they emit right before detonating. But hey, you were planning to remodel that wall anyway. (Pity about your leg.)
Look below for our collection of awesome Minecraft t-shirts. Do not worry - we certify that all creepers depicted on our shirts are inactive and nonexplosive before we ship them out, with an error rate of only 3.7%.

Minecraft Lanyard
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10,00 EUR
Minecraft Diamond Pendant Necklace
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14,00 EUR
Minecraft Creeper Pendant Necklace
Out of Stock
14,00 EUR
Minecraft Enderman Inside T-Shirt
Out of Stock
20,00 EUR
Minecraft T-Shirt Run Away!
Out of Stock
22,00 EUR