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They had a good run, but let’s face it -- pocket protectors are passé. And classic horn-rims? Stolen and desecrated by those darn hipsters! What’s a geek-seeking geek got to do to stand out from the anonymous masses?
We can help. After years of careful research into Star Wars, l33t speak, Linux, classic video games, and geek signifying behaviors our team of behavioral anthropologists came up with a detailed list of recommendations. We hadn’t had our coffee and didn’t understand any of them, so we just designed a bunch of geek t-shirts that we’d be glad to have. We like them a lot, so we bet you will too.

omg wtf bbq Apron
26,00 EUR
1337 T-shirt
22,00 EUR
omg wtf bbq
22,00 EUR
The owl says w00t
22,00 EUR
Linux Tux Shirt
22,00 EUR
8 Bit Revenge
22,00 EUR